Friday, June 21, 2013

3 STARS | Marcie by Carly M. Duncan

Title: Marcie
Author: Carly M. Duncan
Age Group: Adult
Genres: Contemporary
Publisher: Carly M. Duncan
Format: PDF
Published: May 9th, 2013
Source: Release Day Diva
Events: Book Tour
Rating: ★★★

When Kate's mother, Marcie, dies mysteriously she is forever tormented by the many questions surrounding her mother's death. In Marcie's absence Kate clings to her mother's husbands, searching for solace.

As family secrets are revealed Kate works to build her own life and family, but the mystery of her mother's death sidetracks her until she finally gets the answer she's always hoped for.
I honestly don't know what to say. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. I really liked how Kate was able to build the life she always wanted as a child for her daughter. She's able to give her daughter the love she never felt from her mother. And she has an amazing husband that loves her deeply. There are only two things that kind of bothered me: 1.) we are never told Kate's daughter's name, and 2.) the ending was kind of anti-climatic. I was kind of like, "Oh, really?" Otherwise, I enjoyed reading this book and I liked how the story would be told from the present but then flashback to the past.

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Carly Duncan is a television producer by day and a writer whenever there is time. She lives with her husband, two daughters and beloved Westie in Brooklyn, New York.

Disclaimer: This review was originally posted in 2013 to my book blog, A Bibliophiles Thoughts on Books.


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